Italia in Miniatura

Italia in miniatura

Among amusement parks on the Romagna Riviera ,Italia in Miniatura it is an extraordinary world to be discovered, which allows you to live an exciting experience discovering the architectural and cultural beauties of Italy and the main ones in Europe, with the advantage of being able to visit everything in a single day.

The visit to Italy in Miniature is aunique experience for young and old who have the opportunity to have fun, admire and learn at the same time, in fact the activity of the park is clearly oriented towards enhancing the cultural, historical and environmental heritage of the beautiful country.

TheItalia in Miniatura is a theme park which encompasses splendid scale representations of major national monumentswhich it is possible to observe walking through the avenues full of greenery that connect them, or by observing them from above through a ride with the Rainbow Monorail which travels at a height of 6 meters and the route is accompanied by a voice guide who explains the characteristics of this that you see.

Among the most suggestive miniature monuments that it is possible to observe are the Duomo di Milano, the  Torre di Pisa, the Mausoleo di Teodorico di Ravenna, the Colosseo e la Basilica di San Pietro, the Piazza del Plebiscito di Napoli, the Valle dei Templi di Agrigento.